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Fussels Dressings & Sauce Trio
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    Fussels Dressings & Sauce Trio

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      Our Dressings & Sauce Trio is the perfect accompaniment to your summer salads, a sizzling steak or a veggie burger!  Perk up a boring bowl of leaves with a different flavour each time, or add a gorgeous kick with our Beer & Horseradish sauce to your favourite burger.  Our dressings also make great sauces with meats, potatoes, fish or anything else you fancy.

      For this special price, you get one bottle each of:

      • 230g Quince and Cider Dressing.
      • 230g English Herb Dressing.
      • 240g Beer & Horseradish Sauce (Fussels Great Sauce).


      All the Fussels best sellers, tripled up and packaged together in special offers!

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